Thankful about where i am in my life...

I love the dictionary and the thesaurus, seriously!! And having my Mac Book Pro, gives me the tool of having the dictionary and thesaurus at my very fingertips!! :) IT has saved my life countless times in countless stories and papers.

Today was a all around good day! :) I see how thankful I am about who I am, where I am, who I know, My family and how I was raised. I am soo thankful, Grateful or as the thesaurus says... Relieved... that I am where i am!

Thankful, pretty much sums this post up... I don't know what else to say...

P.S. If this doesn't make any sense just know that I am really thankful at where I am, I am soo happy I am not with that person anymore! God is soo Good!

I have been blessed and am going to run in the rain
I am going to dance in the meadows of the mountains
listen to the echoes--
echoing in the Fjords.
I am going to waltz across the floor with my Lord.
I am thankful!





Pictures taken by me! :)
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  1. ABCreations Says:

    It is a grant thing! Just Remember God will always protect you!

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