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"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Tomorrow is Monday, that means it is a NEW week! It is just wonderful to be reminded of being a new creation!
I have been so blessed the past year and thank God for every moment of it, even if there were hard times... because I am not perfect!

Other than school and work I have been counting down the days till I will be on the beach in Jamaica for Spring Break, with my family! I really can not wait! I love what my sister said to me today when we picked my parents up. My parents were in Florida for about a week. My dad had meetings. But, anyways we were waiting for them in the car and Cassidy said, "Devin, is it kind of against nature that we live here in Minnesota/North Dakota?" And I thought about it for a second and then she said, "I mean, if we didn't have technology and stuff no one would want to live here!" I really see what she means! Don't get me wrong, I love Minnesota/North Dakota and always will- it's only that it gets cold here! I have lived here for 22 years and i am still not used to it and probably wont ever be! Against Nature... It's a neat slogan! lol...
So, it is 24 days till Jamaica.

Other than that I have been writing still! I am currently working on a book- It is for my Advanced Creative Writing Class, and I would love to get it published when i finish it. Other than that some other things popped up today- as many things do seldom pop up in my life! My Dad and Mom told me that my great aunt died earlier this month... I started thinking back to the letters I used to write her, asking about her brother [my dad's dad] (Who was my Grandpa) I never really got to know my grandpa because he died before I was born. Although, he loved to write and wrote a bunch of stuff and at home- my family has a box full of his and my grandma's love letters! I got to know him a bit through those! :) But, anyways... yes, I started writing some non-fiction stuff today and looked up some places where I could get some articles published for pay! Which would rock my socks off!! :)

Simply Me,

Devin Berglund
<3 ya all!

Picture up above was taken out at my Mom's parents house! It was beautiful this fall! :) I took this photo! :)
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  1. ABCreations Says:

    I love you! After being in Florida for a week, I do know why I am in ND/MN.
    Even though we don't think it is, Life is simpler and in the country you can see God and hear him in everything! We are truely blessed here and I think a lot of it has to do with the choices we make and who guides us on this trip of life!

  2. A Journey of Dreams... Says:

    I totally agree with ya! Nature sure shows the character of God in a lot of ways! Besides it's a good place to grow up- in the country! Happy to be a country girl! :)

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