I am overly blown away by how much literature- some teachers expect you to read on top of all the other things that an English student needs to get done. I am currently reading Chaucer in my British Literature class, and i find it hard to read certain poetry and such long epic poetry--- i find it hard to continue reading. Maybe you could call it a short attention span when it comes to Olde English. I found The Canterbury Tales on SparksNotes, So, I am thankful for that- otherwise this class would be almost an alien to me. uffda! haha! But, in my American Literature class, I really enjoy the conversation and the stories and history that we read about! :)

The American history is jam-packed and full of adventure, love, and action.

Another thing that I need to work on this week is my story for Advanced Creative Writing. The story has taken off to a wonderful start/beginning... the only part is to flesh it out and get it on paper.

I write from experience taking things from my life. If not from my life, I take things from what i see around me. My family, my friends, my life, and the Earth- how amazing it was all created. Like how it is in the winter with the ice and how the frost coats the trees like a breath of warm air was whispered onto the branches and they slowly froze to a sparkling perfection. Or how in the Fall the beauty of all the colors blend into our senses with the smell of damp leaves. How sunsets, mountains, and the ocean touch the deepest part of my soul and leave me awestruck. It is amazing at all that was created and that is one thing that drives me to write... to capture it all on paper! :)

Have any of you ever seen the movie "Nim's Island"? I really love how the author in the movie has conversations with her character throughout the movie... I have always seen myself and my characters like that. Every once in awhile they spark up a conversation or say something I totally didn't expect and then the whole story takes a different route! I find it crazy... but a good crazy! :)

What are some things that you like and don't like about characters in some books that you have read? And why?


Devin Berglund

P.S. Look for the sun to set every night and look forward to the sun rising with the morning! :)
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  1. Jenna Says:

    I saw your link on the England trip blog and thought I'd say hello. I'm fairly new still with the blog life, but I thought it would be a fun thing to try.

    To answer your question from this blog post, I think the most annoying thing in a book with characters is when there's any scene that makes me think "fancy that!" What I mean by that is how sometimes plots unfold for a character that are so convenient that they aren't realistic to the plot. I don't know if that makes sense when being written out, but I can explain it better another time.

    I hope you have a good weekend. Cheers!


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