Count-Down (1 day till London)

So, my dad said that Iceland is having problems with their wonderful Volcano again. So, I really hope that for one it doesn't affect our flight to England and second of all i hope (if when we are on the flight) that it doesn't affect our flight-- causing any troubles. So, Pllleeeaaase be praying for me and my group-

I can't believe that it is sooo close.
I have been doing final edits on my magazine and have been getting more and more excited to see it in the print version.

Well, I better get to work on it, but, I just wanted to make an update since I have one day left till i get to go to my first huge trip. :)

God Bless You All! :)

Love, Devin

What i have learned all these years.... :S uffda

When life is crazy i just feel like running. Just getting on my tennis-shoes and running. Not running from anything in particular, but just to feel the tension run through your muscles and so that you feel rejuvenated. Random though.


...At Home... got a lot accomplished today! I am soooo tired! :P I guess i should admit it, even though i have been denying it lately! I am listening to a bunch of music that i listened to when i was younger... It's crazy how fast you grow up. I remember thinking, "When is my life going to begin?" when i was younger. I really wish i would have just enjoyed being little at that time instead of wishing i could grow up faster. I am now 22 and am trying to figure out what exactly it is that i want to do and waiting to hear what the Lord wants me to do...because my wants and his could be ohhhh sooo different-- but His will is perfect and His will is what i want. I have also wished that the world was a more perfect place to live, but you can truly see that we were not meant to live here forever...because we are citizens to another country, another place... Heaven.
You are probably thinking, "WOW, this girl thinks tooo deeply... is she ok?"
I guess i do think deeply, but maybe that is just the type of person i am. As crazy as it sounds.

Things I have learned from living on my own for 4 years...
1. Stay close to God no matter what happens in your life- He can keep your life consistent!
2. Get out and move...
3. Eat Healthy
4. Just because you live in the City, doesn't mean you should go out shopping and out to eat every single day. Wastes up your money faster than you would ever know.
5. Do more research on the people who you choose to live with so you will not have problems with roommates. (I am thankful for the good roommates that i did have though)
6. Work hard and do good in school
7. Do something for fun that will keep you sane amidst the craziness of life!
8. could i forget this one---Get enough sleep. I know that College students and probably every person should get at least 8 hours of sleep. I know I haven't been getting that many for awhile.
9. Drink A LOT of water... Supposed to have 8 glasses a day. Crazy when ya think about it and how little i have compared to that. I need to start doing this better.
10. Don't out do yourself or over wear yourself out. You only have one you, learn to say no.
11. Don't go out with someone who will wear you out, bring you down, or hurt you.
12. Say five nice things about yourself in the mirror to your reflection in the morning.
13. Don't keep everything you have ever had.... Hint: Devin, do you really need to keep that card from 5 years ago... ha- I threw it away today.

14. VERY IMPORTANT: Try to do your best in life- that is all that God wants- is that you try your hardest- there is no way to be perfect no matter what people say.

15. Smile.

16. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT:Get away on your own. Go to the park and read a book. Take a warm bath with light music playing in the background. You need to have down time to mentally charge your energy back up. I know that this is something i have really needed and learned.

So, this whole blog entry has been alllllll over the place. I just thought I would write about the things i learned because today my mom and i cleaned our the trailer and it was crazy! Found many things...but it would have been easier if i had started weeding stuff out when i was still in the apartment. I just have tooo many things.

When everything was laying outside on the cement outside our garages-- I started thinking about how everything i need for life I already have and that I would have been happy just getting rid of everything. I just felt overwhelmed and needed to write so, I did... Seems when i write everything becomes better!

But, yes... So- this was a crazy blog- haha... thanks for reading my muse-ing of today!

2 days till London... I need a break.

DayDreamer and NightDreamer-What can I say? I have dreams!!

Hello Beautiful World,

I am living in a beautiful green globe and am loooving it! It has been raining here for the past few weeks and everything is shining green! I am amazed by the green-ness. :) Must be like this in Ireland all the time! :) So enchanting and refreshing for the soul. Makes me daydream. I have always been a huge daydreamer, though. I remember back in school when my parents would go in for teacher's conferences that the teacher would tell them, "Devin shouldn't sit by the window... she is always staring outside." Well, of course I would be staring outside... Come on, of course i would rather be outside. haha... like come on! lol... :P

But, in 3 days I leave for England and i am WAY OVERLY AMAZED that life is just beginning... I remember last year sitting in a car driving no where in particular with my ex and just staring out the window wishing that i had a different life. I never realized that God had a different life in store for me... One that matched my dreams. Something that i do not expect- but am totally excited about! Brings me back to that little girl who sat in the science class room staring out a window to her future... dreaming of all the possibilities that life holds.

Another thing- Ever since I was little i had dreamt of seeing castles and ancient ruins... Like, seriously, guys!!! I will be able to get a better feeling of one of my stories!

So, Since I have 3 days...
Here are some things i need to do...
1. Finish Magazine and send to printer
2. Unpack my clothing boxes out of the trailer
3. Dig through the amount of clothing and find stuff that would look good in England
4. Pack that clothing
5. Buy leggings next time in Fargo (an easy article of clothing that you can wash easily! and since packing is limited...that would be a good idea...) haha... totally random i know! I will make traveling notes and make note of them on here as well! :) So, stay up to date my dear friends! :)
6. Pack my carry on-What do I want with me for a 7 hour flight?

Ok, well I better get to work! But- Keep dreaming everyone... life would be totally dull without dreams. What are some of your dreams? Were you a daydreamer as well?

CRaZYneSS of Devin! lol...


I hope that this finds everyone well! :) Lately, I have been dizzy with the busyness that comes at the end of semesters. The fretting feeling that everything will turn out. I have been writing a story called "The Created One" and i have been enjoying that. I have a theme verse from the Bible that inspired a part with a sword in it:
After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.-Genesis 3:24

Other than working on that, the progress has been coming with the literary/arts magazine, "New Branch of the Journey"
It has been a huuuuuu-U-ge progress and PRO-cess. lol... It's amazing what goes into a magazine. lol... you would be amazed and with everything a person does to put together one. I will have a like up soon with my magazine that I created, hope you all enjoy it! You will be able to purchase it on or Barnes & Noble or even Amazon! :)

I am also thinking about creating my own layout page for this blog... Just something original- that ScReAmS Devin! lol... :P

Well I am going to scoot! haha!

Luv ya all!

Devin Berglund