DayDreamer and NightDreamer-What can I say? I have dreams!!

Hello Beautiful World,

I am living in a beautiful green globe and am loooving it! It has been raining here for the past few weeks and everything is shining green! I am amazed by the green-ness. :) Must be like this in Ireland all the time! :) So enchanting and refreshing for the soul. Makes me daydream. I have always been a huge daydreamer, though. I remember back in school when my parents would go in for teacher's conferences that the teacher would tell them, "Devin shouldn't sit by the window... she is always staring outside." Well, of course I would be staring outside... Come on, of course i would rather be outside. haha... like come on! lol... :P

But, in 3 days I leave for England and i am WAY OVERLY AMAZED that life is just beginning... I remember last year sitting in a car driving no where in particular with my ex and just staring out the window wishing that i had a different life. I never realized that God had a different life in store for me... One that matched my dreams. Something that i do not expect- but am totally excited about! Brings me back to that little girl who sat in the science class room staring out a window to her future... dreaming of all the possibilities that life holds.

Another thing- Ever since I was little i had dreamt of seeing castles and ancient ruins... Like, seriously, guys!!! I will be able to get a better feeling of one of my stories!

So, Since I have 3 days...
Here are some things i need to do...
1. Finish Magazine and send to printer
2. Unpack my clothing boxes out of the trailer
3. Dig through the amount of clothing and find stuff that would look good in England
4. Pack that clothing
5. Buy leggings next time in Fargo (an easy article of clothing that you can wash easily! and since packing is limited...that would be a good idea...) haha... totally random i know! I will make traveling notes and make note of them on here as well! :) So, stay up to date my dear friends! :)
6. Pack my carry on-What do I want with me for a 7 hour flight?

Ok, well I better get to work! But- Keep dreaming everyone... life would be totally dull without dreams. What are some of your dreams? Were you a daydreamer as well?
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  1. ABCreations Says:

    So glad that you have dreams! I think the world would be a very boring place without Dreams and goals! Your Kindergarten teacher had it right, never let them take Devin's creativity away.
    Without dreams we wouldn't have gotten the Petal Girls and all the plays you guys put on!

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