On the BrInK of Vacation!!!

Literally and Figuratively... It's been way tooooooo LOOOOONG!

I am currently on spring break and am very much happy about that. I haven't left for my families destination yet though. We will be leaving on Wednesday (The 17th). We will be going to Jamaica, Negril!

I am amazed that the Red River has risen faster than it had last year at this time. I remember it was the next day that I got back from Spring Break last year- on which Mother Earth wanted to flood the Valley with her precious Ruby- The Red River. I got back to my place with my hair in cornrows and beads...wishing i was anywhere else but FARGO! lol... But, now it's been rising before Spring Break. I actually got a text from someone today, saying that someone needed to have help sandbagging already! It's crazy!!! So, I am hoping and PRAYING that it isn't nearly as bad as it was last year!


My life has been full of writing and reading. As an English major, you are probably thinking, "Ah...Duh, Devin. You picked to be an English major- what do you think you were going to be doing for homework all the time? Going outside and daydreaming for assignments??" hahaha! lol...

I went shopping today and got some fun stuff for the sunshiney land. A pink sundress and a white cover up for my swimsuit. Just give me a sun hat and a pair of big sunglasses and i am ready! Oh, and some suntan lotion- Don't want to burn. A GLOW would be nice BUT PLEASE not a RADIANT RED Loook! lol...

I am going to be writing the whole way to Jamaica... So, It will be crazy! I really hope i don't have to sit by a weird person on the plane. I always hate when that happens! Because, sadly , I can say that I have had to sit next to some pretty interesting characters. lol...

So, it will be in 2 days! :) Yay! I will keep you all updated of course and will take many pictures as well!

If I could, I would pack you all along in my carry on suitcase- the flight attendant might catch on though!! Oh, well- they wouldn't need to know! lol...


What was the oddest person that you had to sit next to on an airplane?

Much Love,

Devin Berglund
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  1. ABCreations Says:

    I can't wait, we have 2 days left!
    The strangest person I have sat by! LOL
    How about the anti social 20 yr old. He spent the whole time looking out the window or playing his phone. He wouldn't even give the Flight attendant his pop....he put it on my tray when I was sleeping.
    I am sure you will enjoy the break!

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