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Writers Block...
Isn't it a beautiful thing?

I thought this was wonderful advice from author, Erin Healy.
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Feb. 11, 2010 • Posted in FAQ

Q: What are the “thin places” you like to explore in your novels?

A: If you’ve read C. S. Lewis or anything about Irish history, you’ll know that “thin places” is a Celtic idea. It describes locations in the world where the veil between physical and spiritual realities is so thin that a person can see through it—or perhaps even step between the worlds. Figuratively speaking, thin places represent moments of spiritual revelation, a connection between the seen and unseen elements of our lives.

The Irish girl in me has long been fascinated by this concept. My married name, my maiden name, and my given name are all Irish, so perhaps it was inevitable. As a young adult I spent half my waking hours in the Pentecostal church, and I came away from that tradition with an unshakable belief in the existence of an active spiritual world. I was a high-school sophomore when my mother gave me a copy of the new book This Present Darkness, and the imagery of the spiritual world invading this one stayed with me.

Early in my editorial career Dean Merrill challenged me with a critique of books published in the Christian marketplace. The weaker ones, he said, cause readers to say, “Amen, I agree with you!” The stronger ones, on the other hand, cause readers to say, “I never thought of it that way before.” I hope my exploration of fictional thin places will cause readers to think of their spiritual and physical lives in new, desegregated ways.
The thin places-- that is totally the style that i loooove! :)

I thought that was amazing!! :) It is so true though... I guess my name is a Celtic name as well! :) Devin-- which, actually means "Poet". I find that amazing! :)

So, I thought I would just open this up for discussion! What do you do to deal with Writer's Blocks or Creativity Blocks? and how do you get over them?

" In a world of black, grey, and white... my words are in piles. Chains... tying them to that desolate place. Nothing can free them unless I break through Delila's secrets and sinister lies (my writer's block! I gave the evil master mind a name.) Her wall can be broken down with energy, light, and Truth... freeing the creativeness from the other side... so it can return to where it should be. Breakthrough!" -Facebook Status of mine from last night concerning my writer's block!
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