Top Ten of O-10

Hello All,
Just thought i would leave a post on the last day of January 2010!
I was thinking.. I am going to share some of my goals and things that I want to do in 2010. Some say a new years resolution and i would call it my adventure/goal list of "10". and these are my small goals... So, I would say this semester's goals. Because, I plan on going to Australia next semester and that will be a wonderful adventure.
Haha... Yes, i will call it my top ten of O-10!

• Start running everyday and getting in shape
• Do something unexpected and kind for someone everyday
• Write everyday so that I have content for my book
• Stop drinking pop for good! (It isn't that good anyways!) And start drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day.
• Find a way to make more money
• That i finish homework before the weekends so that I can relax and do stuff for myself on the weekends. (Also, make sure that I have finished my homework before doing anything fun {including facebook})
• That i also get back on track with reading out of the Bible everyday and praying constantly!
• Start advertising my photography
• Do good in school
• Do something (non-electronic) for myself everyday that will be fun (make jewelry or draw or paint or go for a hike outside.)


Devin <><

Earnestly keep praying- I know, I am! :)
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