Hello Everyone,

I went through all my old blogs and deleted them and decided to start one and use JUST one! Because I have a problem with, starting a bunch of blogs and forgetting about them completely! :0)
This semester has been off to a wonderful start! I have been leading a small group with the college ministry "Chi Alpha". It has been a super amazing experience! :0) Something I totally love!
I am still majoring in English/mass communications and have really enjoyed this major!
I handed in my application for studying abroad in Australia last week, so I really can't wait to visit Australia.
I also turned 22 this year (on January 24th) Crazy, I know! I feel ooooolda! haha! okay, guess not! haha! :0)
So, I just wanted to update ya all, and I will update every once in awhile! :)

God Bless You All!


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