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Hello Everyone,

So I believe it has been a while! I know I said I would write blog entries while I was in England, but let me say that finding internet was a bit crazy- let me reword that... Free internet... In the UK they charge for everything. You can pay 1 pound for 20 minutes on the internet. So, I decided that I would wait. :) Hope that was fine! haha! :)

I have learned soooo much while I was there! I loooved it! To the point of when I dream- I feel like my dreams are European... which, is odd. They just have a very English feeling! If that makes any sense? lol...

While I was on the trip I brought a new journal that I got from Barnes & Noble before I went and I kept the journal religiously. Now I have been writing almost everyday... trying to write memoir and non-fiction for my project. I have not written much of that form, but decided i would give it a swing. :)

So, I will update again soon... and put some pictures up as well!

Much Love My Friends!

Devin Berglund

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